Monday, November 26, 2012

17 Weeks To Go

Well, it's been a little over 4 months since discovering that our lives are going to be changed forever, in the form of a new little person. A tiny life who is going to make me fall in love, stress me out immeasurably, and call me "Daddy." It only really occurs to me on certain days... I'm actually going to be someone's father.

Hannah is doing amazingly well. She looks fantastic, she's energetic and positive and so confident about the process. As home birth (and baby) first timers, there's a massive sense of the unknown, but Hannah doesn't seem phased. She's read every book and Internet article ever written, and heard from everyone and anyone offering up advice, and she's taking it all in her stride.

Bump hanging out at 12 weeks
 I'm playing catchup with the "Dad's" books, but I'm not too bothered about a lot of it. I'm obviously concerned about the big day, but it's what comes afterwards that is the real mystery to me.
Bump's foot at 19 weeks
Here's what I need to know for the birth:

1. I better be there! I'm looking forward to it, actually. I'm not looking forward to Hannah experiencing some pretty extreme discomfort, but watching the process and finally meeting our little person... so exciting.
2. I'm #1 support, including checking that Hannah is fed and watered and breathing correctly and has her back rubbed and the pool filled with warm water.
3. I need to keep everyone away from the house during the labour and birth, and even afterwards.
Bump's chomping on the cord at 19 weeks
Here's an mind blowing thought: I could be the first person our baby ever sees. I hope that helps with the whole bonding thing, which is so important for Dads. We don't have the experience of growing and developing a life inside us, nor can we supply nourishment inherently, so we need to rely on the 5 senses to communicate and bond with our new little ones.

I've been inspired to get the camera out again, ready for a billion photographs of the baby doing... well, baby stuff!

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