Thursday, November 29, 2012


Well, our antenatal classes have finished, which has served up a big dose of Sunday Blues. You know how you used to feel on Sunday when your friend had to go home and you knew you had to go back to school the next day? That kind of feeling!

It was so good getting to know people who are in the same situation as you are in. Lots of people are so quick to offer advice, but no one knows what you're going through like someone who is doing the same thing at the same time. Even people who have had a kid recently don't seem to be on the same wave length a lot of the time.

I think the girls are going to stay in touch with each other as part of some kind of Mums & Bubs group. Us blokes just shook hands in stoic fashion and walked on out the door.

A couple of things have really sparked my interest in the last couple of weeks.

First, baby signing! This is awesome! If it works as advertised, you can basically start teaching your kid sign language at only a few months old (6 months?) before they can even talk. So you can communicate, even before vocal development. Sounds pretty bloody awesome to me!

The other cool thing is hypnobirthing, which sounds a bit hippie and voodoo, but actually looks like some really solid science, concentrating on developing focus through relaxation, breathing, visualisation and positive reaffirmation. Forget about birthing, this sounds like some pretty good day to day advice!

I'll post some more info up once I know a little more about it.

Less than 17 weeks to go! 


  1. Hypnobirthing rocks! I used it while my labour was building up with Elora. Great to keep breathing in check. People think I'm a hippie weirdo you speak of though since I refused drugs with Elora, and will again this time around unless something very different happens (god forbid!) So stoked you guys are able to do the homebirth thing, man I wish I was able to up here! Very exciting few months ahead indeed :)

  2. That's fantastic, Hayley! Exactly the sort of thing we like to hear! Yeah, people think I'm a total patchouli oil wearing dreaded tree hugger because of the homebirth + hypnobirth etc. Good on you, I didn't realise you refused the drugs. Warrior!!

  3. I agree, Hayley, it's great to be birthing at home as there are no drugs for them to offer, so there won't be anyone pressuring me to use them. Course starts in a week!