Thursday, January 3, 2013

12 Weeks Out!

Ok, so we're roughly 12 weeks away! Hannah  has 6 weeks of work to go, then she's off for a year. I've got about 10 weeks of work, a work retreat, 2 weeks working from home, and then 6 weeks off. I guess I better get onto booking that all in!

Hannah is doing especially well. The Bump is blasting out like a missile, and has taken to dancing on Hannah's inside bits. I was feeling the baby kick the other day (which usually just feels like a tiny flutter and flick on your palm... almost indiscernible) when suddenly I feel an elbow or an ankle or a unicorn horn or something press against Hannah's belly and run along it... it felt like someone pushing their finger into my palm and tracing along my lifeline. Mind blowing. And, it's fair to say, pretty bloody freaky. There's a little mutant in there, rattling it's bones against my wife's insides! I can imagine Bump's tiny face, a freakish grin etched onto their face, while they freak Daddy out with parlour tricks. "You like that, Dad? Just wait until I jump on Mummy's ovaries again!"

Here's something they don't often mention in these parenting books. Because Han's organs are all being smooshed and compressed by a fat little Bump-bottom, her stomach is somewhere in the vicinity of her right armpit... so when her tummy rumbles, it sounds like the most epic armpit-fart you've ever heard!

Things have slowed down on the purchasing front. Awaiting an order of "all kinds of that stuff" from my sister, we don't really need anything else. Of course we bought about 80,000 nappies (I hear you need about  4000 per day for the first few weeks... basically the boob milk is instantly converted into pumpkin coloured poop and sprayed liberally all over a nappy approximately 18 seconds after changing it) but otherwise we're pretty well done.

My brother and sister in law are expecting their 2nd any day now. By the time we get around to meeting Bump at Easter time, Mum will already have 7 grandchildren, so along with Bump, Mum's got herself a polo team!

Good news (for a change) as far as paternity leave is concerned. As of 1st January, there's something called Dad & Partner Pay, which basically entitles everyone to get minimum wage for 2 weeks after the birth of your child. The important role of fathers and partners is finally being recognised by the Australian government. It's about time, too!

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