Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1 Week Out!

We're only a week away from our due date, so any time in the next 2 weeks or so could be go time! I'm not sure I've quite put that together in my head yet... but what better way than to just relax, go with the flow and see what happens! I am starting to get excited, but I guess there's so many hours in a day, it's hard to be fully charged and amped every single minute.

Missus Report

Hannah's still very well. It turns out her platelets are a little low, which is very common during pregnancy, but otherwise she's continuing in the same sort of style as always - rocking out some serious health. Walking has gotten a little slower the last week, as Bump explodes out in front of her like a 50-tonne Soviet surface-to-air missile, and it's a little cramped if we're both in the bathroom at the same time. Also, Bump has really decided to work hard on antenatal yoga poses... every other hour there is an elbow erupting through an armpit or a foot in the pancreas. So other than being massaged from the inside, Hannah's going along fairly fantastically.

There's been a few blood tests of late, related to that platelet count. As soon as her count hits the magic number (or indeed, if the baby comes) Hannah won't need any further tests. So we're talking 1, possibly 2 more tests at the absolute most.


Hannah's been putting in a lot of hypnobirthing relaxation practise over the past weeks, and we've tried to be regular with our partner readings. Just had a great session then, imagining a silver glove of relaxation switching off certain parts of the body. It sounds a bit odd, but it's very effective. To what extent I guess we'll see very soon...


I'm working from home now, which is terrific. Just being here means that whenever the baby is ready, we're ready to go. No need to rush home from work through the maddened panic of rush hour, no crazy car rides involving a cyclist, an elderly lady and a zany European surgeon. Just home-style chillin'. I get a bit of work done, then we can enjoy lunch time together, and I'm already at home the second the work day ends. In reality, these are some of the last few days we'll have as "just us", so it's nice to be able to spend them together. Not just nice, important.

As known as

We've finally got names for both a boy, and a girl. We're keeping the details under wraps for now, but it's a big relief to come to some agreement about a name that we think won't have the child ridiculed or stifle their chances for world renown when they're older. Spencer von Pottybottom Katarski probably wouldn't be terribly useful. Zebulon has finally been taken off the cards, much to my infinite satisfaction.

Hot tub

I did a trial run with the birthing pool out on the deck the other day. It all goes up pretty quickly! Apparently the midwife has a special pump for getting rid of the water afterwards, so she didn't appreciate my suggestion of hooking up our Karcher high-powered water canon and taking that opportunity to wash the car. "Think about what else will be in that pool!" she exclaimed. Good point.

The deck is looking like the business too, unless we have the majority of the labour during the night time. If it's a nice day, we'll be hanging out on the deck, launching a baby out, frightening neighbours with ghoulish cries and trying to convince the police that "Everything is fine, officer! There's just a woman in the garden giving birth..."

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