Thursday, March 28, 2013


Today's the "due date" for Bump. Theoretically, Bump should arrive today and start wearing pants. Or  a skirt. Some form of cladding for a tiny bottom. Well, it's looking pretty unlikely! Maybe it'll happen some time on the weekend. Maybe it'll happen in a week! No way of knowing, so we'll just go about our business and wait for Bump to let us know.

I've got 6 weeks off work after Easter, which I'm very much looking forward to. Last day of work today until the middle of May.

I can't believe we've been through 40 weeks. As with these sorts of things, the time has gone simultaneously very quickly and agonisingly slowly. In a way it feels like all the pressure is off now. Now we just carry on and eventually Bump will arrive. But there's no more counting down the days and weeks and months and trimesters. Now we relax, finish off any preparations we decide are necessary, and enjoy some time together with the cats.

Hannah's still feeling great. What an amazing woman! She's given our baby the very, very best possible chance in this world. Super healthy, relaxed, happy. I'm so proud and so very in love. I can't wait for all that comes next! What an amazing woman.

Watch this space!

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