Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Midnight mumbling

Rowan often talks in his sleep, which is understandable - both Hannah and I do it. So I thought nothing of The Guy chatting at 3am.

An hour later though, it was pretty clear that he was well and truly awake, and running through every word and sentence he knew (which, as it turns out, is an extensive list).

A quick pat on the way back from getting a glass of water - demanded with his usual "PATS!" - and I was back to bed, whereupon I lay there listening to him continue to babble on.

In all, he was awake for about an hour, just talking to himself. He didn't seem in need of anything in particular, like a new nappy or a drink or anything. He wasn't upset, and wasn't bothered when I told him I was off to bed. He was quite content to just lay there.

Does anyone else have little ones that do/would do this?

In other news, I'm considering replacing/augmenting this blog with a video, which I think might be a bit quicker and easier to pump out than a rambling bunch of paragraphs. Thoughts?


  1. Hey there Jim! This is Dave from Big Kid Little Kid.
    My fella, Little E, counts to himself these days. I don't know if it happens middle of the night (I'm so dozy that I can barely nappy-change and bottle-up) but it kicks in when he is dozing in and out before falling to sleep properly of an evening. So cute... he's up to twenty now. Well, sort of. He may miss a few on the way!

    And video would be cool! I'm thinking of doing the same thing myself. Did my first review vid the other day... takes waaaaaaaaaay longer than typing when you're me. I'm not an in-front-of-the-camera type of person.

  2. Thanks so much for the comment Dave, and thanks for introducing to another Dad blog!
    I've got a few more ideas re: video and what not, which you might be able to help with, if you're interested! Once I get sorted, of course... which I'm sure won't take long with another baby on the way in June... O.O