Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rowan's birthday - Part II

UPDATED: 17/02/2015
Look, it's pretty clear I'm not going to get around to finishing this post, which is now nearly two years old. I'll start afresh.


Well, this took me so much longer to get to than I thought. As any parent probably knows, time is a pretty precious and limited commodity, so I've struggled a bit to find time where I'm a) free and b) cognizant. Having been so long, I might be a bit sketchy on some of the details, but Hannah will probably let me know and fill me in if I've got something too wacky.
-Call the Midwife!!
Ok, so after timing the surges for a solid hour, and having them stay consistently at around 3 minutes, it was finally time to call our midwife, Laura. Waiting that hour meant a 6:30am wake up call for Laura, which isn't too bad I reckon. I was hoping she might even be up already, but unfortunately this wasn't the case. I let Laura know the details (predominantly "How's Hannah going?" and "How far apart are the surges?") and she was on her way.

-Taking a bath
With the midwife on her way, and Hannah plugging away like a champion, I had a birth pool that needed a-fillin'. The kitchen floor seemed as good a place as any, so I shoved the island out of the way, cranked up the pump, popped the liner in and over, and started blowing that bad boy up. With an intricate array of knobs and levers, I was able to get hot water straight out of the laundry tap, into a (new) garden hose, and into the pool. I dumped in a bag of salt (to prevent Hannah pruning up too bad), then sat back feeling pretty pleased with myself, as all men are wont to do after completing a set of rudimentary tasks.

-More hard work
The pool was sorted, and we were waiting for the midwife, so there wasn't much more to do except ride through the surges, continuing the accupressure on Hannah's lower back. A correction to my previous post - Hannah hit transition around this time I believe, which resulted in a bit of a spew of my gourmet dinner from the night before (Tuscan meatballs with pasta). Topping up with fluids and more Gatorade was all we really needed to do, so no major dramas there.


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