Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Starting again

It's been a very long time since I updated this, but I'll try and get back onto it, if only as a way of writing down everything and getting it out of my brain.

In the last couple of years we've seen Rowan grow from a bump under Hannah's t-shirt, to a tiny grub, to a little person with a huge personality. It's amazing to look back at photos and posts and email about The Guy, and see how different he is from where we started.

We're now parents of a little boy who sings, dances, plays guitar, reads books, watches In The Night Garden and Hairy McClary, wants to listen to music in the shower, runs, jumps, climbs stairs, rides a bike and TALKS AND TALKS AND TALKS! The amount of words and his vocabulary are mind blowing for this first time dad.

It's crazy... we're parents now. Of course all parents are parents, so it's nothing unique in a global sense, but US being parents is unique to US. Does that make sense?

Speaking of being parents... well, we're going to be doing it all over again. The next one is due start of June, so we're well under way time wise.

Hannah is doing very well again. She's very healthy and happy - although pretty tired!! - and we're on track to having another home birth. It was a very special experience last time, so we're hoping we're lucky enough to go two for two. The odds are pretty good.

Handling two kids. This is going to be an adjustment, I'm sure. We're obviously not the first people to have two or more kids, but again, our experience is unique to us. Interestingly, I have a lot of the same concerns about losing identity, not having time, etc that I had last time.

What the reality with Rowan? Well, I DID lose a lot of "free" time - time that was otherwise unassigned to a responsibility - so it is slightly harder to get a personal project finished quickly, but I didn't lose any identity at all. I didn't fall into the life shown on screen with henpecked husbands bemoaning the good old days. I actually feel like my time is more focused now, better spent when taking care of Rowan and Hannah, then when I would just get home from work and play a game until bed time. I'm still myself, people still see me the same way, I still act and talk and think in pretty much exactly the same way, except now there's an extra person in my life to share it with. So rather than turning in half the person I was, I'm the person I was with a bit of bonus.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Short version: having Rowan meant there was LESS (not no) me time, but more family time, and more purpose. I imagine having a second kid will be similar. A further reduction in totally unassigned time, but more family engagement, more purpose, more direction.

These paragraphs are getting longer and longer, so I'll cut it short there. Maybe not the most engaging post I've ever written, but this is a start to getting things back out of my head.

Hopefully, Perth Dad might be back!

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